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Thread: priiloader problem/ wont go back to wii system menu!

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    Exclamation priiloader problem/ wont go back to wii system menu!

    someone help please, im pretty new at this modding deal and now ive got priiloader instaled and it doesnt want to boot back to my wii system menu.
    i can only access priiloader menu, bootmii, and hbc.

    anyone ever had that?

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    Yep i just got this same issue. i was using the latest version of this guide and the files its linked too:

    If anyone has some idea what might be causing this and some suggestions on how to fix it it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey guys I just followed the "New 3.1 - 4.1 softmod" tutorial and am having the same problem. Before I was at 3.2U with starfall. Through the tutorial I installed the patched wad ios60 and then used the 4.1 updater and followed through with priiloader then installed the rest of the wads.

    Now I can't get back to the system menu and I can't uninstall priiloader.

    Any suggestions??

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    Ca Solution Found!!

    Okay all I've found the solution!!!

    I followed the New 3.1 -4.1 Softmod tutorial.

    I originally was 3.2U.... through the tutorial I first made sure I installed the wad ios60patched

    Then I used the 4.1 Updater found with the Tutorial Files.

    My problem occured after priiloader install.... like the rest of you I couldn't access the regualr system menu.

    Here's the solution:

    Following THIS POST

    and THIS POST

    I managed to fix everything back up in 2 minutes!!

    Basically once you've downloaded NUSD program run it.

    Choose Database > System > 0000000100000002 - System Menu > Then whatever sytem menu you are on since I follow the tutorial and used the updater I was on Firmware 4.1U (USA)

    Check Pack Wad and Save As

    Click Start NUS Download and name it whatever you can remember.

    Find that Wad you just made and put it in the WADS folder on your SD card.

    Install that WAD using Wad Manager.

    System Menu is back up and running.

    Then I went back and installed priiloader again with no problems.
    (Don't know if this makes a difference but I formated my SD card and put the tutorial files back on fresh before I installed priiloader again)

    Hope this helps!! Jenn

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    yeah i actually figured it out like an hour after original post lol,

    i ended up downloading the system menu 4.1 wad files from somewhere and instaled the wad through the wad instaler utility and then uninstaled priiloader and NEVER AGAIN am i instaling the B$ lol

    But thanks for the help

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    jenn82 solution worked for me. Thanks!


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