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Thread: Problems follow the steps! help!

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    Question Problems follow the steps! help!

    Hi, sorry for too many Questions but i try my best,

    my problem is, i follow the steps of the Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!! and i can do the PART A:, but when i start to do the PART B: i go to the HBC and i press home and i see bootmii, and when i press bootmii, the wii restar to the menu?? and i try for 20 times and is do not work. do i do some wrong???

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    You need to do the BootMii installer again, and then you will see an option to "prepare SD card". You need to do that to get the files that BootMii needs onto the card. Don't worry, if you do it it WILL NOT format your SD, it will just make a new folder called bootmii with 3 files inside it.


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