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Thread: error while playing downloaded game

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    error while playing downloaded game

    it say "error has occured press the eject button , remove the game disc, and turn off the power to the consol. please read the wii operations manual for further instruction." please help i havve wii serial LU398XXXXXXX AND firmware 4.2u. i able play back up games please help,i just bought last week, i make soft mod?

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    any help?please?

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    Which guide did you use to softmod, and how are you launching your games? Did you softmod before you updated to 4.2?

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    D3-2 drive possibly?
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    Could be that too. Here's a link so you can get an idea of what is being shipped out. Check your serial number against this to get a good idea if you got the D3-2.

    Wii Drive Chip Database

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    Could be just a bad disk. If it was a backup you were trying, try making another copy and give it another go. Otherwise you may not have modded it correctly such as missed a stepduring process.


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