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Thread: Im a neeewb :D

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    Im a neeewb :D

    well, first of all thank god I found this forum ;P

    Well here is the question. Im living in Norway = PAL
    But this summer Im going to Viet-Nam and guess what? In Viet-Nam everything is damn cheap, so Im thinking of buying a nintendo wii there (chipped ofcourse)

    so, Im wondring what kind of updates should I follow? tha ntcs or the pal one? dont want to fawck the wii over, so kinda ned your guyes help ;D

    thanks ;P

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    an chipped nintendo wii in vietnam = 5 times what it worth did you know that? o.o not all stuff are cheap there. Import stuffs like game consoles are expensive. If you thinking about buying the games there that sound resonable but buying the console there i woudn't trust them lol. I would recommend you to buy wii at wherever you live and just get one of those Solderless D2Ckey or d2cpro and pop it in.

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    well, a chipped wii there cost around 400 dollars there, wich is kinda cheap if u ask me xD here in norway everything is 10 times more expensive. And I can download my own games ^^ but the real question is: What kind of updates should I follow? the ntcs one or the PAL one? xD

    Thanks x3

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    if you're going to buy there 90% it is a ntsc system

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    ohh thanks, is there 2 diffrent types of ntcs? I heard there is a jap one and a us one... is this truuuee?

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    Yes, it is. Ntsc comes from 2 region japan and North America version. IF you get hte japan one you will be mendling with a bunch of japanese lol that all. Btw i was wdonering wehre in vietnam are you gonna buy a modded wii from? Far as i know they dont' even have release of wii in vietnam yet and i doubt they can import it since wii still so rare. And Even if they imported it it woudl be really expensive I doubt it be 400$ like you said. If I was you I buy one from where I live and just use one of the wii clip to mod it no soldering need.

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    you gotta to be kidding. getting a Wii in vietnam is considered as cheap. you should make a stop to hong kong and might get better deal than vietnam or norway. more accessories to buy too.

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    Well, Im only going to Vietnam and Thailand... xD so a jap ntsc verson is a "no no"? :P


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