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    mario cart

    hi you masculine modders,
    I'm trying to run a mario kart backup on my YAOSM 1.9-modded Wii, running firmware 3.2E.
    But it doesn't work
    (I've got a black screen after I launch the game)

    have you got any suggestion? pleeeeeaaaaseee?


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    Mine works just fine. I also have a YAOSM, I've had no problems what so ever.

    Have you tried to reburn the game on a different disc - my Wii doesn't always like Verbatim DVD-R, even though it seems to be what everyone else uses.

    It's a PAL game and i'm presuming your system is given your firmware. There is a YAOSM V.3 update out you could try that.

    Otherwise I got nothing....

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    I just read this:
    Mario Kart Black Screen - Page 3 - WiiNewz Forums
    It seems I should find a original copy of a game with a 3.1E update.. That could be a problem for me

    but thanx anyway


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