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Thread: Usb Loader gx stop ripping larger game!

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    Thumbs down Usb Loader gx stop ripping larger game!

    I have a softmod Wii 4.2 and usb loader gx ( latest version ). The application works perfectly and even rip games with less than 2gb size from dvd, but when I try to rip games like MArioKart, Shaun white snowbording, resident evil or sonic and mario winter sports ( which have more than 2gb size to rip ) it stop downloading after a few minutes and I have to hold the power button to turn the wii off. I tied ios222 and 249, which are the option on the usb loader gx. I tried installing cios38rev15 and nothing changed.

    I've been looking for some solution on the internet for two days already and could not find anything.

    Does anyone have any idea how make the usb loader gx rip this games?

    thank you so much.

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    Too easy. Try another usb thumb drive if that's what you're using. I had to return about 5 of them before I found one with fast rip speeds. Some of the cheaper ones like PNY brand suck hard. I went with a 16GB Kingston and can rip a game that's about 4gb in 20 mins. Hope this helps. You can always return the drive if you don't like it and get your money back, or ask for store credit and try another brand out.

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    I have the external harddrive wd my passaport 500 gb and the cable with it is high speed cable to transfer larger amount.

    Do you think the problem is the hdd. Because I can rip smaller games pretty fast and the games that I already have in the hdd works perfectly and they are not slow at all.

    Thanks for a fast response.

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    Hey bud. Do you know if maybe your hard drive is shutting down while ripping the larger games? I've read around the forums while doing research that this is not such an uncommon thing. It is fixable by changing the hard drive settings somehow!

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    I just got a 1TB WD HDD. I'm knew to the whole hdd loading thing. If it was a thumb drive I could help you out. Some one will get you an answer. USB loading seems to be the method of choice.

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    Just figured it out.

    I dont know why but the high speed usb cable that came with the wd my passaport essential was downloading the games on a speed 1.7Mb/s and the big ones 0.8Mb/s thats why it freezes.

    I change the cable for a regular camera one and the speed went up to 4 or 5Mb/s and it downloaded 2gb in 6 minutes.

    thanks for the help. Without your replies I would never think that the problem was with the hdd and the cable.

    Usb loading is the best choice. It's easy and fast. And the best Usb loader is the usb loader gx, and I did try other ones trying to find the problem.

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    You guys are awesome!

    I had the same issue and never thought it would be my cable. I did a search and here I am. Changed it out with my camera cable and now all games over 1g rip to the drive without stopping.

    Thanks again.


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