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    Nand Question

    I have a 4.1u console, and like an idiot must have done something wrong during the soft mod process. Everything seemed to go well but I ended up with the same problem I`ve seen happening for others. The system only boots into priloader or HBC. I`ve reloaded the backup nand but where should I start back in the process? Much Thanks!


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    You need to change the settings in preloader to boot to system menu.

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    I had autoboot on system menu and it would go to priiloader. I've reinstalled everything after running the backup and it is booting into system menu now (I didn't re-install priiloader this time) but Neogamma is not showing up.

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    Just to update, I installed the Neogamma RAFA wad and all seems fine. Original disc games are playing and Neogamma is on the sys menu. Just have to try to play a back up copy now.


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