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Thread: "The Disc Could Not Be Read" error NSMB

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    "The Disc Could Not Be Read" error NSMB

    Sorry for another thread about this game!
    I searched all around the internet for my problem, but came up blank. It might just be a simple burn error.

    When I first downloaded NSMB I downloaded it from a scrubbed torrent, it was already patched to NTSC (I know, I took the easy way out)
    I have a NTSC console, by the way.

    I was faced with the Greenscreen after using the Backup Launcher. I did some research and found out I had to download the cIOS Rev14. So I did that and downloaded all the IOS' I needed for it to complete successfully.

    I then got the Gamma loader channel and successfully booted the game to the warning screen about the Wiimote. Right after that screen I get the "Disc could not be read".

    I always have a problem with these games, it's never easy :P!

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    last link in my sig.

    Read it. You might learn something.

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    I actually have read it and tried to scrub my ISO with the program you provided.
    However the main.dol file never shows up, a mess of things show up but nothing you describe.

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    Okay, I followed the Bat file found at, even using the QwiiF torrent with the USA iso that the Bat file calls for. >
    It completed until it said "OK" and I had a totally new ISO that had "fixedv2" as the rename.

    I mounted it to a disc and I STILL get the "Disc cannot be read' error when I try to play it through NeoGamma.

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    i had the same problem and just switched to verbatum dvd-r's and it fixed everything (i was burning with memorex before)


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