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Thread: issues after doing softmod

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    issues after doing softmod

    i finished the softmod no problem. then installed usb loader gx no problem. the first time i went to try to run the usb loader i just got a black screen and i guess it froze the wii completely. had to turn it off by holding the power button on the console. i originally installed usb loader as a forwarder. i noticed it as a channel and i have since deleted the channel. was going to try and reinstall it but now when i go into the HBC and try running the wad manager it gets stuck at "mounting device....please wait" (or something like that), and then the console freezes again. i have tried different versions of wad manager, usb loader gx, and also tried reformatting the SD card about 10 times now, couple times with the SD Formatter program and a couple of times just using windows and formatting it as FAT32. Does anyone know what the hell the problem is?? this is very frustrating. Please help!!

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    I would check your cIOS. A dodgy cIOS install has been known to crash apps that rely on it.

    You might need to run TBR or just install cIOS again.
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    thanks....what is the cIOS i have to install again?

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    are you talking about doing certain steps again from Dogeggs tutorial??

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    Install cios38rev14 from my sig and see if that helps

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    thanks...the thing of it is to is that i used the following guide to install USB loader gx...would this have caused it??

    Wiikend hacks: USB Loader GX tutorial

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    ok, i checked out the file you mentioned and how am i supposed to install it if i can't get into the WAD manager?? it freezes up when i go into that to....

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    u install cIOS with ur homebrew channell

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    ok the guide you used said to install cIOS36rev10 after you installed rev14. i don't know why you would need to do something like that but i think it is safe to say rev14 is overwritten with rev10.

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    you know i thought that was kinda wierd you think that's the problem then? all i have to do is install the rev 14 then??

    i'm just afraid if i run the TBR or cIOS installer again i'll i should be ok to do this??
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