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Thread: Twilight Hack Error, NEED HELP!

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    Exclamation Twilight Hack Error, NEED HELP!

    Hi im using the Twilight Hack version 0.1 alpha 3a to run homebrew on an unmodded wii. It starts up and finds the ELF file in the sd card. Then theres a load of gibberish and i get this messgae (exactly as shown below): FAT_ReadFile(boot.elf) failed with error -1
    Sorry! :(

    If someone could PLEASE help me i would be very appreciative and i would give you all my help on other stuff too. I know a lot about PSP's (e.g. hacking, homebrew, iso's+cso's) so if you have a question ask me.

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    Ok guys i fixed my own problem really. I was using a micro sd card so i got an sd card and it worked. Heres some more news. if you have a gamecube controller and you want to play all your wii homebrew from + emulators not listed there including a better snes emulator (also genisis, scumm and a game boy color emulator) + bonus homebrew well then go to Wii Jabber
    The best thing about this is you get to chose what hhomebrew to play. It works by the elf file he made which is a menu. I loaded the elf file but couldnt get any further as it was telling me to insert a gamecube controller (i think as it was in different language but there was pic of gc controller and cable) which i dont have. This looks very good and much better than team twiizers. The Method is the same though: Run zelda, walk backwards, black screen, elf file loaded. He takes no credit for it but i say he rocks! The only thing you have to do for installing the zelda hack is go by team twiizers as his wrong and messed up so go to for that. Thats it then

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    imo the homebrew CHANNEL is best because the twilight princess disk isnt constantly spinning, and you can leave another game in your tray and not have to load tp, and run backwards 100x a day

    and i guess you could load this wiijabber thing form the homebrew channel too

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