Okay, I've been to numerous forum boards and asked the same question. I was always given nice, detailed answers, however, they never helped.

So, I come to you, WiiHacks for answers. I hope to find them here

(since asking the question straight-out never did me good, here is an analogy explaining my situation)

Pretend you're me(its fun trust me). You got your SD card, your files set up right and your character folders + the .pcs files to go with them. You download a torrent with a LOT of .TGA files (most of which you like). How would YOU get them onto the character?

This torrent includes a .jpeg to go with each .TGA file.

+Also, you have no programs (yet?) to help you achieve your goal. If you need a program(s), what would you use?

--I know this sounds stupid, but there is my problem, I'm doing all of this for a friend for xmas who is dear to me. Please help--