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    Just wanted to let you all know I recently ordered a solderless D2CKey and it arrived in 4 days.

    I paid an extra $20 for express shipping. The chip arrived on time however the screwdriver I also ordered and need in order to install the chip was apparently drop shipped from another vendor and is still not here.

    If you need the screwdriver I would recommend NOT paying the extra for the express shipping since the screwdriver will not be express shipped.

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    thanks for the info. I just ordered solderless D2CKey + screwdriver from there too. However thanks to you i didn't pick express option delivery. =p I'm cheap the screwdriver cost twice as much there compare to techsick and other site but i wanted to simplify the process -_- so i just order it all there. How the modchip working for you? Hope to get mine soon.
    Edit: My order is still pending >.> I wonder what is going on? They're out of stock? >.>
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    Nevermind, I sent in email asking about it today and they replied like right away and told me that they were on Holiday til today XD so my order should process soon. They seen to have very good Customer Support. I would personaly recommend this site to people looking to buy their modchips. Their prices are also lower then most place (Solderless D2CKey clip verion @ techsick = 74$, Here only 63$)

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    Actully on Techsic they are over $90 now....and they are not taking anymore orders for awhile....


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