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Thread: Installing Neogamma R7/R8?

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    Installing Neogamma R7/R8?


    Am new to all this and have successfully soft modded my Wii using the guides on here.

    However a friend of mine had his Wii soft modded around a year ago and uses 'backup launcher' to run his games from.

    He borrowed my smackdown Vs raw (PAL) but gets the error002 bluescreen when trying to play via the launcher.

    My plan would be to install Neogamma and run it from there. My only concern is can i just install this or do i need to completely virginise his wii before doing so?

    Forgot to mention that he does have the HBC installed.

    Is it worth viginising or should i just install everything as per stated in the New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii thread by Dogeggs in the hope that things will just be overwritten?

    Thanks in advance
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    Please close/delete this thread as it was posted in the wrong section and my questions have now been answered.



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