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Thread: Quick question, virgin wii here

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    Quick question, virgin wii here


    I want to install HBC on my Friends Wii. First of all, he is on 3.2E and I plan to leave him on 3.2E. Can I install all the latest HBC and cIOS and homebrew without any problems on 3.2? He only need the game loaders (Neogamma) so if hombrew such as tetris dont work on 3.2 it doesnt matter :P

    Next question, cIOS, if I install the latest cIOS does it install all of the features of the previous ones? so I don't need to install all of them, coz I hear that IOS are installed side by side, so was just thinking the same for cIOS.

    I'm using this link here:

    And is the Trucha Bug restorer necessary? He tells me to do a load of stuff but not what they actually do. What does the Trucha Bug restorer do?

    He also says that you must upgrade if you are on 3.3/3.4. But whensomeone installed HBC on my Wii, I was on 3.3E...

    Thanks a bunch!

    EDIT: Oh yeh, he also has a D2Pro chip inside, and he is going to load from DVD HBC, not USBLoader

    EDIT: From the information I have told you, any precautions I need to make? Like check IOS number or something (not that I know what it means lol)? I really don't want to mess up someone elses wii :P

    EDIT: Sorry, this question isn't so quick after all _
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    it does not hurt to upgrade to 4.1ver, it adds SDHC card support and preloader. And yea cIOS38 rev14 is the latest one and you should just follow that guide, it worked perfectly for meh.
    As for the Trucha Bug, it seems the bug has been fixed with update 3.3 but im not sure bout it so just read these:
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    Ok thanks

    Anyone else help with questions?

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    you should be able to install everything on 3.2, yes latest cIOS does install all of the features of the previous ones(cIOS38_rev14), also the 3.3/3.4 upgrade most likely refers to step 5, there are no preloader hacks for that version. But if ur friend will only use it for like game loaders then i would reccomend u update to 4.1, i have it now and all games i tried work so far with neogamma.

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    Ok thanks! I was in for a little shock when I found out he had already updated to 4.2E *facepalm* followed guides and everything is fine now



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