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    Help from Korea...

    OK, so my situation so far... I have a Korean region Wii, but I got the homebrew channel on it. I recently got my hands on Guitar Hero 3, an official copy, but I can't play it, because it tries to constantly update my Wii. Out of complete fear of messing up Homebrew, I haven't tried from all the news I hear of Nintendo consistently trying to get rid of Homebrew through their updates... Also, the guy who put Homebrew on my Wii said that we should never update... Anyway, the Wii is Ver. 3.3K, and I'm not entirely sure how I should go about in doing this...

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    have you tried apps that would disable disc updates on your wii like preloader or something similar?

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    I would suggest something as stated above, preloader works great, but let it be known that preloader doesn't work on System Menu 3.3. Starfall may be of interest to you, but there is more modifications to be done in order for it to work with your Korean Wii, you can find info about starfall HERE. You may also want to have a go at some of these links, just to educate yourself a little more.

    Glossary of Terms

    Wii cIOS Explained

    Softmodding FAQ

    How To Remove all Softmods
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