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Thread: need assistence not workin

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    need assistence not workin

    hackin me we is not workin i have updated it to ver.4.2u but then thout to homebrew and stuff but it wont install anythin exepet homebrew channel
    its i version 4.2u
    lu56 modle
    with a 2 gb sd card and i got severle more 2 gb cards around
    i would like to not need zelda to do it and ive found homebrew channles dat work but when i try to use wad manaer it says error and ticket error if anyone now how to do it witout da need to sit for 24 hrs i apresiate it
    please and thanx for da help

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    I'm sorry I just can't understand what you are getting at.

    Could you rephrase your question so it is in the Queen's English please.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    what i said was i got homebrew channle to work but wab manager is not it says error and ticket error i dont now what that means and i cant use home brew till i get it to work i would like help getting it to work without the need to go and get zelda game i dont now much about hacking the wii other then i need a sd card
    my we is a lu modle
    firmware/version 4.2u
    i have several 2gb sd card and i would like easy to understand instructions like remove black replace with blank if any one nows a website or video thats easy to understand and will tell me wear to get the downloads needed id b greatful

    if not understood oh well im sure someone will if you need more info just ask i dont think i left anything out though

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