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Thread: themes for ver 4.2E

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    themes for ver 4.2E

    does anyone know how to change the theme on a ver4.2E wii i had a ver 4 with simpsons theme and one of the kids updated it too ver 4.2E and would really like to change off the boring white theme
    thanks in advance

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    I'd like to know aswell :P

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    It smells like fail in this thread... Just so you know, themes are one of the easiest ways to brick a wii. It replaces your system menu with an altered system menu. Avoid them like the plague.

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    Hi, Can anybody supply a link to 4.1E themes?
    I have been reading a lot of posts where people have been asking for themes and all they gotten in return is comments to stay away from themes as they will brick your console.

    Please if you have an older wii and are able to install bootmii as boot2 and NOT as an IOS then crack on.
    I agree protection is the key, and yes themes do brick your wii if not installed correctly.

    Connect wii to wifi (system settings)
    Installed Botmii (back-up NAND)
    Install the app 4.1E updater (Even when updated dont delete from SD)
    Intsall the correct version of MYMENUFY
    Intsall themes !

    If the wii bricks like mine did 4 times last night.

    Simply turn on the wii you will be shown bootmii, select homebrew, select 4.1E updater, let it run and Voila the wii is back.

    If you are a Noob please stay away from themes, there is an 75% your wii will brick at least once.

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