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Thread: Help me undo 4.2 Softmod

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    Help me undo 4.2 Softmod

    Can anyone help me to undo the 4.2 softmod(Amarokz guide)? I've decided to give my Wii to my little cousin, and i want to give him a clean one. Thanx in advance.

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    If you look in my sig, there is a link to virganize your Wii. But be warned, you must stay at System Menu 4.2 [no way to safely downgrade yet]. So you would wanna start from Part B. Although you will be doing this at your own peril, as I have not virganized a Wii that was on System Menu 4.2 yet, so it may prove tricky.

    Anyone who has succesfully virginized a 4.2 system, please leave your input about it!!!

    Good Luck!
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