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Thread: Do I need softmods with D2CKey?

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    Us Do I need softmods with D2CKey?

    Hi all. Sorry this had to be my first post .. hehe, but I've had my Wii chipped for quite a while and has never given me an issue. I have the D2C drive with the D2CKey. I like to get the USB loader to work and started diving into that. It looks as if I need to softmod my Wii as well?

    I tried all of that, following Dogeggs tutorial (very nice tutorial by the way) and everything seemed to work. I guess what scared me was the fact that when some of the games would run off of the drive, GH5 and Band Hero wouldn't. Found some threads on that and I started to get all out of shape .. Install cIOS this as that with this ... I guess my "too much information" light went off in my head.

    I decided to take a step back. Okay, all of this cIOS stuff is new to me. Is there a tutorial that actually explains WHAT I'm doing versus just doing it? I managed to flash the system back to 3.2U, hopefully "virginizing" it as much as possible so I can at least get it back to play those games I have on disc. So where do I begin. What is the easiest way to get the USB Loader to work WITH a modchip?

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    if you can install bootmi on ur boot2 what dont you give it a try, since u can grab your original NAND and place it on any storage as you like, one day all the game are required 4.2firmware, thats the time when your modchip has stop working playing other region burnt games, just like me now, accidently update firmware to 4.2 theres no way for me now to play game through disc channel now, so im starting to softmod my wii until my modchip had new update i will restore my nand , and back to fully hardmod

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    Thanks, Sickboy. I'll keep reading up. Still would like to know what I'm doing with IOSes and cIOSes and why really. I'm one of those anal hackers I guess. But one of my main reasons for such is that I don't want to override anything my hard chip is doing. My main goal is to load ISOs from the USB drive of which I did get to work, but some games wouldn't so I looked into them and guess I became a little overwhelmed. Once I installed fixes for those games, others would break .. so again, taking a step back to figure it all out better.


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