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Thread: Hello, Roel from Holland has some questions

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    Hello, Roel from Holland has some questions

    I'm new here, this is my first thread/post, and I read so many things that I lost the overview.
    I've a clean wii, v3.4e without any (soft)mods.
    I would really like to do the softmod so I bought a 4G SDhc card, a wii-lan adapter (there's no wifi here) and a couple of DVD -r's
    But I don't know what to do for I've read that the 4GSDhc card, and the playing of DVD's only work under version 4.0 or higher.
    But I've also read that I can't upgrade anymore to 4.1, but only to 4.2. And 4.2 is a pain in the ass.
    So what should I do???

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    Don't believe everything people tell you but you may need a 2GB SD Card.

    You can always try the 4GB one though, you might get lucky that it works throughout the softmod process.

    DVDs work find on 4.0+, they just don't work on brand new d3-2 drive Wiis.

    You can upgrade to 4.1 by using special homebrew updating apps, included in the tutorial I linked above. Avoid Nintendo internet update, it is a pain to be on 4.2.
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    2gb or 1gb would be best.4gb might work.and if you want to ever update use one of waninkoko's update's.

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