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Thread: Wii flow or coverflow??

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    Wii flow or coverflow??

    As the title says what one is the better, ive gotta say i love the look of wiiflow but looks are not everything ( as i keep telling myself) but what one, if any has better game compatibility?. At the moment i am using neogamma + usd loader gx. New softmodder here so looking out for some opinons. Thanks.

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    Hiya withnail, just put wiiflow on mine, and seems to work a peach. Quite impressed with the look of it, plus works just as good.

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    Alright Twickersw, That wiiflow does look very sleek indeed, How is it with games, does it load everything you have thrown at it? I have just softmodded my wii, so im going to try the loaders, i have tryed usb loader gx, but some game's dont work on that. Im trying configuable usb loader now which at the mo has worked with every thing i have tryed including the new mario.

    Thanks for the reply i think im gonna defo try wiiflow as well

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    Hiya withnail,

    Had a few issues with usb loader gx, so decided to switch to this. So far no issues whatsoever, all instruments working with band hero, gh5 and rb1 &2. Cod mw loaded straight up aswell.
    Just in process of getting nsmb so will see if it likes that.
    The only thing for you with config usb is that it works fine for you, so if it aint broke dont fix it.

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    I have a sort of related question. I've been meaning to try Wiiflow.
    I have been using CFG usb loader and I really like it but I've read some people have been using Wiiflow with Rockband 2 and still be able to play custom DLCs. I cannot do this with CFG I still need to use a disc so I can play the dlcs.
    My question is where would it be better to install wiiflow?
    On the SD or HDD?

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    Hi Gypsy,
    Got my wiiflow installed on hdd. Not sure if this will run the dlc's.

    Do a search on it on here.

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    Im interested in what issues and what games don't work with USB Loader GX, I have about 180 games so far and everyone works except CSI Deadly Intent which I can play via disc anyway (modchip), apparantly this doesn't work with any usb loader though.


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