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Thread: Please help with system upgrade

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    Please help with system upgrade

    My console is asking me to upgrade my system and a message stating that if my system has an unauthorised modification it my be damaged by the upgrade.
    Is this just a deterent to try and stop those people with an modified chip upgrading their system, or will it cause any damage.

    Please advise.

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    DO NOT DO ANY OFFICIAL UPDATES TO 4.2 THROUGH THE INTERNET! I hate when people type in all caps but that is very important. 4.2's only reason for existing it to lash out against people who play backed up games. Is it a disc or the internet that's asking you, and what system menu are you on?

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    I'm a total newbie so I haven't really got much of a clue what you are trying to say.
    What is 4.2?
    I assume that it is the disc that is prompting me to update my system.
    How can I tell which system menu that I'm on. Can you be more specific please?

    Many thanks for your help so far.


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    4.2 is the latest system menu version. Go to your wii settings and you will see your system menu version in the top corner. It will say something like 3.4U.

    If you're online be sure to turn your connect24 off in your wii settings.

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    If you're online be sure to turn your connect24 off in your wii settings.

    How do I tell if I'm online or not and what is 'connect24'?

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    Have you ever connected your wii to the internet?

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    Is this guy real or what?
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Listen to junk, he knows what he is talking about, only run pre-approved upgrades discussed in the forums. Do not do a Nintendo update.

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    Hi guys.
    Been away for a week.
    Just checked the settings menu and I'm on verson 3.3E
    I'm unable to connect it to the internet; I'm getting error number 51030.
    Am I able to download an update, burn it onto a disc and update it that way.
    Please go easy on me. It's my daughters Wii and I have little/no knowledge of the workings of it.
    Looks like some of the newer games won't work unless I update it. Is this correct?

    Many thanks.

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    Any help on this would be much appreciated.



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