Hey guys, first off i'm new to scene and can't wait to meet everyone and learn more. I'm into the 360 mod scene and can flash those very well.

I've recenty bought a wii and have decided to get into the wii modding scene, I have installed homebrew and DVDX And bootmii as IOS as it wouldnt let me install to boot2.

1st thing) I have downloaded mplayer ce and it wound play my original dvd discs, I try to mount it and it say error occured or words to that effect.
Any ideas?

2nd thing) I want to backup my nand for obvious reasons and understand I have to use preloader, Do I need to have done the backup hack to use this or can I do it right after installing homebrew etc, as I have read the right ios have to have been changed to use preloader, is this correct?

3rd thing) Whats the easiest way to rip isos from my original wii games to back them up?

4th thing) When I make a backup I understand I use imgburn, whats the best way to back up a game though as I have heard about "scrubbing" what ever that is aswell as other things like updates from discs bricking wiis. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

And I think that is it for now. I understand these answers are probably here somewhere, I had a look and didn't fully understand some answers, also I am very impatient, atleast this way I get all my answers as a collective.
Thank you for your time and look forware to replies.