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Thread: Issues with NeoGamma r8b7

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    Issues with NeoGamma r8b7

    Hi All,

    I have successfully hacked my Wii in the past and had it running perfectly on system menu 3.3U. However, due to recent issues of non-working (green screen, error msg) games when burning the newer isos (NSMBwii, etc.) onto disc, I decided that it was time for an update in software.

    So, following the guide in the tutorials section of this site, I successfully updated the software on my Wii- now fully integrated (priiloader, wadmanager 1.4, etc.) and functioning on system menu 4.1U.

    Now here lies my issue- upon installing NeoGamma r8n7, wadmanager brings me back to homebrew instead of restarting the Wii so I reset the system manually. After the reboot, the system loads up fine but without a backup loader/neogamma channel in sight within the system menu page (channels).

    I never uninstalled/downgraded/updated any softmods that preexisted in my Wii prior to updating the software myself- which may have caused this issue. Can anyone please provide me with guidance or suggestions that may help me in resolving this issue?

    Please HELP!!! Thanks!

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    I have the same problem aslo, I posted this problem today and waiting for a reply. If I know more before you do I will let you know, and hopefully vice versa.

    I do found a question mark channel when I entered the wii channel via the wii options.

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    I see the same exact channel when going into the channels section under data management.

    I will let you know as well.


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