i finished the softmod no problem. then installed usb loader gx no problem. the first time i went to try to run the usb loader i just got a black screen and i guess it froze the wii completely. had to turn it off by holding the power button on the console. i originally installed usb loader as a forwarder. i noticed it as a channel and i have since deleted the channel. was going to try and reinstall it but now when i go into the HBC and try running the wad manager it gets stuck at "mounting device....please wait" (or something like that), and then the console freezes again. i have tried different versions of wad manager, usb loader gx, and also tried reformatting the SD card about 10 times now, couple times with the SD Formatter program and a couple of times just using windows and formatting it as FAT32. Does anyone know what the hell the problem is?? this is very frustrating.