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Thread: Im a noob so need advice!!!

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    Us Im a noob so need advice!!!

    First of all i want to thank everyone in advance who tries to help me for your time!

    I had my wii modded a couple of months back and now it wont play the new wii games... I recently started modding wiis myself and now im comfortable with it but i can not find a thread to tell me how to upgrade my backup loader on the my already modded wii!! Can someone please help??

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    From my understanding, you can search for the .wad files either around this forum or using Google. There's a thread over at GBA that has all the .wads for NeoGamma, but i dont have it off top.

    Then you install the .wad file through WadManager and you are set!

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    ..or use a forwarder channel (installed the same way) that launches the app off your SD card, this way you can just keep the SD up to date and not worry about faffing with channels.
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