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    has anybody tryed is it a good site to go to for unlimited and fast downloads or is it a scam

    Moderator's note: This website is clearly a scam that pretends to host Wii games for download and fails to deliver any service.

    All the content can be downloaded for free anyway from other sites.

    You have been warned.
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    Us Perhaps a scam??

    I paid money for it and I can't get access to their site. I log in but can't download their files. It looks good though. I've emailed tech support six times without a response. I was hoping someone knew something about this site. Perhaps they are on vacation?

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    Anything you have to pay for to get "backed up games" is a scam, and I wouldn't trust it. There are plenty of "other" places to get those totally free.

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    How could something like that ever be legal? All Wii games are licensed by Nintendo who distribute via their game disc. The Wii does not have any digital distribution beyond the Wiiware and Virtual Console.

    The website does look quite professional but is so clearly a scam. It was 20 for a months membership and if you payan extra 7 you get to have a copy made online just in case your copy fails.

    Illegal scam. Do not use.
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