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Thread: Chipped Wii is useless in the future?

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    Chipped Wii is useless in the future?

    Hmm, I read some news today and Nintendo crackdown a modchip producing facility o.o? Nintendo also said that modded wii will be useless with Mario Kart Wii or any games releasing in the future and that they CAN logs your wii. They said there might be lawsuit involves with wii contains such devices.
    What do you guys think? Are they even allow to do that? I mean unless the person is SELLING the back up games or illegally sharing and downloading ISOs without original back up what they do to their console is their choice o.o? after all we paid 250$ + taxes for the console we bought the ownership of the console any modification are our own responsibility? Unless it involves piracy of media. But I mean some people use the modchip for solely the purpose of playing different region games and to play their LEGAL back up of games. Isn't this violating the freedom rules just my opinion though. That is why Microsoft can only ban modded xbox360s from live but can't take any legal action against such. Do you think this is just a buff from Nintendo?

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    It's crap.

    1) Mario Kart works just fine.
    2) I believe most Wii Modchips, or at least some don't modify the firmware of the wii (hence why you can update and still play) but actually mod the DVD drive.
    3) I believe it would be legally dubious, I would even guess that releasing software within a game package to render mod chips, but not Wii's inoperable, i.e. no longer function, would be legally dubious as well.

    Having said that:
    Nintendo - News - Information regarding mod chips
    | Nintendo - Corporate Information | Legal Information (Copyrights, Emulators, ROMs, etc.)
    Nintendo Supports U.S. Raids on Copyright Circumvention Devices at Nintendo :: What's New

    So it looks like it depends on where you live. As end users of mod chips i'm not sure where we legally stand.

    I'm not sure how they would detect the chip and what legal rights Nintendo have to block your Wii - After Mario Galaxy bricked Wii's there was talk of people sending them in and having units repaired by nintendo without any consequence to their mod chip.

    The IOS37 is yet to be activated - all though for the first couple of days people were convinced it was in Mario Kart. IOS37 will not as i understand prevent you from playing backups but will prevent software such as freeloader from operating as i understand it. Therefore restricting you to using your own region games.

    Backups are dubious as well - they seem to have been removed from being mentioned in most software licenses, or are expressly forbidden. The second copy rule does not always apply - it used to but changes in the law put an end to it, again this may vary from region to region. From what i understand if you create your own back up that should be OK if you download or have passed to you a back up that is where things become dubious. I know Microsoft actually say you can no longer make back ups and without a Wii manual to hand I can not be sure.

    So back on point:

    Mario Kart will not screw up a modded system, and i think it's a bluff on Nintendo's part to put people off, i may be wrong, as i doubt Nintendo really want to spend the money to tighten the security in their system as it costs an increasing amount each time.

    However if Nintendo found a non permanent solution, in the coding of the games operating for that game only and not your other backups, to prevent a backup version from being usable then that would be perfectly legal as far as i can see.
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    hmm yeah i thought it was a buff but what about the crackdown of a modchip facility? what right do they have to took 2000+ modchips from those people lol

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    It depends on the code that the chip uses. If it is using nintendo coding that they own then the company is illegally producing the chips, by breach of copyright. As was the case with these modcips.

    Nintendo raids Wii mod chip factory - 23 Oct 2007 - Computing

    If Nintendo can prove a that the company producing the chip has a malicious intent then they also will have grounds for taking confiscating the chips.

    cant you just update the mod chip eventually
    or they will probably come out with a new chip
    like the d2cpro for the d2c board
    From what I understand it would be possible but each time Nintendo closes a security hole then a new one to exploit has to be found, this costs Nintendo time and money to find these holes to close and developers time and money to find holes to exploit. If it gets too expensive then people will just give up.

    With the D2C there was still money to be made but there has to be a limit eventually. In the old PS days it was worth while because the people developing chips were also the people ripping and distributing backups (for cash) these days that cash stream no ,longer exists so the development of the chip has to be covered by the sales of the chip. There may be no need for further developments anyway - IOS37 has yet to be activated and people are already working on ways round it, downgrading etc. (Although if you stick to your region it shouldn't be a problem).

    However this may all change now with the first release of a hacked VC game, although not actually publicly installable (is that even a word?). With this release Nintendo may clamp down even tighter and take out the remaining software and hardware security gaps.

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    hmm matt what does the ISO37 basically do? I thought it only preven disc that been edited (Truma sigcher or someting) from working. If you play original's back up you should be fine right? I know i have iso37 installed lol because i bought my wii recently and also did a update for brawl (Original =p). I don't really like edited games anyway i want unedits even if it mean using dual layer discs =p. I ordered a d2ckey hopefully nintendo will leave it alone for awhile >.<

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    IOS37 I don't think it was actually on Brawl, if it was well no one's had anyproblems with it - and i've subsequently updated my Wii since then. Even if it was in there Nintendo haven't bothered to activate it. It was rumored to be on Mario Kart when that first appeared sending people into a frenzy of brickblocking etc. Worried that half their collection would become inoperable.

    IOS37 has nothing to do with the editing of games. IOS37, from what I understand is more to do with region coding and was released in direct response to Datel's Freeloader. Region patching from chips at the moment isn't 100% anyway, and i've had no problems using a combination of free loader and the region patching software out there, with one or two known exceptions, eg No More Heroes. IOS37 should prevent freeloader and other region patching software from being able to operate. A quick google search will reveal more on the subject. The quick way to prevent this is if you have a PAL Wii use PAL games, if you have an NTSC/U Wii use NTSC/U Wii games and so on. At the moment like i said this is not really a problem as no game has had this activated yet to the best of my knowledge, and I'm sure someone will find a way round the coing sooner rather than later.

    IOS37 - WiiBrew

    Edited games at the moment are uncommon as well. SSBB is the only one I've seen and that was to make it fit on a single layer disc. At the moment it is the only DL disc so you shouldn't need to worry about that either at the moment.

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    im not a wii modder *yet* but i know a lot about this subject from being in this "community" for years

    this is a scare tactic they always do this but the simple fact of the matter is you cant really stop it and it starts a new problem each time you try because when they push the "community" pushs back in addition people dont relizes this but the companys make a lot of money off of the modders/hackers they understand that there not making any money off of anyone here reguardless of a hacked or nonhacked but if we talk about it they get more sales from it case in point i was playing mario kart wii and for that and brawl + a few japanese games i bought a wii with plans to mod so look at that they lost 50 tops from that game but gained 300 from me *rolls eyes*

    the people who make up the modders/exploiters/hackers/etc should be less than 1% and to put so much money to stop us would be silly and pointless might i add would only lead into a update to fix whatever they added in addition the people without might have issues or unforseen problems and thats more money loss for them

    long story short
    not gonna happen end period

    *sorry about my english i dislike grammer and i like to talk in long winded rants >.>*

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    I kinda agree with what the user above says. Even big companies like Sony and Microsoft didn't waste their money to stop the modding scene on their consoles I kinda doubt nintendo who has alway been quite about it would do someting much about it. They would release some updates (ISO37) but i believe they wouldn't spend billions to completely stop everyone from using a modded wii.

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    i forgot to add in no matter what EVEN IF THEY TRACK YOU

    they really cant sue you or do anything

    to do any of that they need absoulte proof i mean if you have a modded one you can still buy/rent/find/barrow/etc it so they need all the evendance to prove you did it and thats why your doing it

    whos gonna spend millions to stop some young kids and misc others lol

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    Here's a quick one though, and this is a fact:

    The amount of money that 2nd hand games sales cost companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo etc. is far greater than the amount of money modding and all that goes with it costs the comapnies.


    IOS37 will not stop you from playing from Backups - Only backups from different regions!! At the moment nothing has been released that utilises it and when it does it will only be a matter of time before some cracks it, and in truth most games now come out in most regions pretty close now - I know there are obvious exceptions (SSBB, Super Paper Mario) - therefore rendering region free ability an advantage but a necessity, like say in the SNES days when there was often a 6 month gap between NTSC/U and PAL releases, or games weren't released in some regions at all.

    In fact if you're going to look at it as a loss earnings standpoint then they are both the same, although one is promoted actively on the high street, by large chains. In the UK 1 of those chains actually made it's money from the trade in / part ex scheme.

    Nintendo, even though there have always been pirated versions of their games from the gameboy multi games cartridges, the SNES disc drives (under various names) to the latest mods have tended to be quite strict about it, whilst operating covertly, hence the disc drive for the gamecube running backwards and on small discs that when it was first released were expensive and difficult to obtain.

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