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Thread: wii in pieces - help build a working box

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    wii in pieces - help build a working box

    i got a wii from a friend that was in pieces .. ive managed to put everything back together but i hav no power cord for it ..

    can i wire it o my computer PSU and it be ok ??

    also if i get it up an running is there a way to mod it without having to buy anything ? looking to see if i could soft mod it and run games off my computer .. like to have the chance to play this and play games from backups

    things i dont have

    dvd burner (only cd burner)
    power cord
    SD micro disk
    usb flash drive

    do i have any hope ??

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    You should just cough up the 25 bucks [if american, lol] and buy an official power supply, unless your ok with possibly frying your unit.

    As far as modding the console, the only thing you definately need is an SD card. SanDisk 2gb non-SDHC is the best to go for. You may also want to buy a spindle of discs to burn the games [verbatim or ritek and burn at slowest speed possible, also -Rs, and sorry they must be DVD]. The only other way to play games without burning is by purchasing a USB Thumd Drive or USB HDD.
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    so the sd card would actually be used in the console itself right ?

    and beings im not to fond of getting a dvd burner i think it would be cheaper to get a usb thumb drive .. what is the max size of usb thumb drive i can use ? and whats the typical amount of space a game would take up ?

    and well one more question .. if i get a usb hard drive can i get any size drive and does it mater what kind of chip it uses to convert to usb ? i did read it has to be formatted fat right ? so i could just make multiple partitins of 2gb ? or is the fat formatting have to do with the sd card ?

    thanks for your patience .. i have add so reading tends to be out of the question most of the time

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    The SD card is used for the mod files used to modify your Wii. It also holds homebrew apps as well as additional .wads to install more programs and IOSs into the Wii. Also, since your going the USB route] your USB loader will use the card to keep boxart and configuration files for the loader. So the SD Card would stay in the console at all times. Although i know there is a way to partition your drive in WBFS and another partition for FAT32 so that you don't need the SD Card to read homebrew anymore.

    In my sig there is a USB HDD compatibility list, you can find all your answers to what your looking for regarding USB HDDs there. Games can take anywhere from 7gb to 56mb [yes Animal Crossing City Folk is actually 56mb once it is scrubbed].

    I have ADHD so thats no excuse buddy. As long as your into what your trying to get done, the reading should be no problem. And reading is a requirement here as most of the questions people ask are already answered.
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