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Thread: Moded 4.2U Wii can't load New Super Mario Bros.

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    Moded 4.2U Wii can't load New Super Mario Bros.

    Hello, this is my first post and i really hope I can get some advice. I moded my Wii and can play games from my USB drive. Also, i can play the sport title that comes with the system.

    I also have New Super Mario Bros that i purchased in the store along with the system. After i modded my Wii, I get an "ERROR 002" in a blue screen when i try to play. I've found some "002 fixes" but they are for backup games or ISOs loading from an USB drive and i have an original game.

    My Wii is 4.2U. with CISO 36 Rev. 10.

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    I get this same problem

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    Ca new wii games (originals) #002 error fix for softmods 4.2u

    I got band hero, wii fit plus and super mario wii all new all original all wouldn't load. worked fine through usb loader.... found that in preloader which I also have force iso 249 was enabled... disabled it and presto...they all work great...hope this helped..


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