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Thread: Strange DriveKey Problem

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    Strange DriveKey Problem

    I purchased a DriveKey about a week back now, and had it delivered on Thursday. I installed it and all was working fine, until tonight (Friday night), when my backups have suddenly stopped working. My Wii works fine with my original disc, but when I put a backup disc in the whole system just freezes. The hand icon goes from the screen, and the remote becomes completely inoperable. I can also not reset the system at all. I can eject the disc, and turn the system off (only if I hold down the power button), but that is all. In order to get an original game working I need to turn the system off and restart it.

    The backup discs that I am using (Verbatim DVD -R) where all working fine just a matter of hours earlier (I tried them all out), but for some reason now they are not. I have even opened my system up and checked to make sure all the connections are sound, and they are.

    In case it matters, I am on 4.2E with all backups being PAL, and was when I first installed the DriveKey (when everything was working fine).

    Can you please give me some advice. From where I am it appears that the DriveKey itself has stopped working, but I'm hoping that's not the case.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me in this matter.

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    I have a very similar problem. I got my DriveKey on Tuesday and installed it that night.....burnt some games (pal on a pal system) on Wednesday and they worked fine. Tried to play them on Thursday and the Wii would not read them.
    Tried again on Friday night and the Wii would read them. Started to play COD and got 10 minutes in when the Wii said that it could not read the game.

    Am using Memorex DVD-R and burnt at 2x on Imgburn.
    Was going to get some Verbatim DVD -R today as I had read that they were best but not sure now.

    I am on 4.2E

    Original games work at all times.

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    My Wii has now stopped playing all games, both backups and originals. I have taken the DriveKey out and everything is fine, all of my originals now work without any problems.

    To me it looks as though the DriveKey itself is to fault, maybe a fault somewhere. All I know is that as time has gone on more problems have been occuring, which tells me there is aproblem with the hardware itself (maybe heat related). I made sure that everything was insulated, so I know it's not a short due to it not being insulated.

    I have got in touch with my supplier, I'll let you all know what happens when I hear from them.

    Has anyone else had any problems with a DriveKey slowly stopping working, or am I an isolated case?

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    I haven't heard of that, usually if it works it works, and if it doesn't it doesnt from the start. Especially the 'freezing' I've never seen... Can you enter the menu ? And can you get different backups, memorex is really not the greatest to use.
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