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Thread: Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

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    Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

    So, I guess you guys will think im a retard for posting probably another topic about this game, in which they are topics about resident evil DSC.

    I searched and I was not given any good output from those topics, since they did not really help. So here is my question and I hope someone can also fix their problem by reading this.

    I have fixed New Super Mario Bros with the help of this site and wiibrew thanks a lot. Now Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles gives a black screen when you insert and start from the Wii disc channel.

    I have a hard modded Wiikey v2 with the latest update.

    I have the Wii 3.2u with homebrew channel

    I burned the image with Verbatim 4x Imgburn always always always for wii games, except DL's.

    I have put the IOS 53 as told in one of these threads. What IOS does Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles use? Also, how can you verify what game uses what IOS?

    Thank you for your generous help.

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    To see what IOS a game needs to run go to here. In case its not on there I will check and see if I can get that info for you.

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    Hey, dr34m3r I have searched all the pages (20) and nobody metioned about that game.

    It is also not on the list. If you can let me know what IOS it feeds on, I will be very thankful dude.

    Thank you.

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    ok let me go check it out then.

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    I was curious to see if Neogamma would run Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles and it did excellently.

    Just to let everyone know, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles works great on NeogammaR8beta1. It told me my CIOS 249 was outdated, but still worked. I think its Rev7, I will see that soon.

    Thank you. For now I'll use Neogamma for residentevil and wait until Wiikey v2 gets an update.

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    Well good to hear you got it working because I could not get IOS patcher to give the IOS it needs to run.

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    I have Wiikey2 with 4.1U no softmod and the game play just right, strange usually it's the one with only the hardmod that have game that didn't work.


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