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Thread: Semi bricked from update to 4.1 - new

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    Semi bricked from update to 4.1 - new

    My previous thread was based on the fact that I had 4.2 firmware because of nsmb update but I'm pretty sure its 4.1 so all the help I got was based on the wrong thing and I'm not sure where to start now. I installed a pal nsmb update on a ntsc wii and now I can't access the settings. Ive installed hbc dvdx and bootmii as per the -Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!- tutorial and Im not sure what to do now.

    I'm not sure what tutorial to use because I'm not able to setup an internet connection which the tutorial says is required. ""
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    Did we just have this conversation?

    Do step3 from the 3.1-4.1 guide
    Do step 5a-5d

    Then place wadmanagers boot.dol onto the root of your sd-card
    Download system menu 4.1u. wad
    Save to sd:\wads
    Place ios60patched.wad in sd:\wads
    Hold reset and boot
    Preloader starts
    Click load/install then load boot.dol
    Wadmanager starts
    Use ios249
    Install ios60patched
    Install system menu 4.1u
    Then reboot the wii
    reinstall preloader
    Don't update from disks anymore- make sure the hacks are enabled in preloader.
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    thanks for all the help mauifrog your instructions worked perfectly and everything is working great.


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