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Thread: !!Help!! how play internet with custom iso

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    Red face !!Help!! how play internet with custom iso

    how can i play online? i just got custom iso yesterday, i have(had?) the 4.2 update with wii shop channel update, but the custom iso thingy mightave downgraded.. idk.. but im trying to play bomberman land, and it says something about nintendo registration?? i know theres a way around it, but when i google it i just get outdated S*$^. plz help. thanks =D

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    Theres not enough info in your question for me to give you a clear answer. Try reading my recent "overview" guide, and if you are still confused, PM me..
    If what I just posted was at all helpful to you, please press on the "thanks" button. I'd like to know the time I spent typing a reply was worth it! :-)

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    i SAID thanks... but that didnt really help me. i need to know how to play online with other people without doing the nintendo registration and stuff. lol

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    nevermind i got it. =] thanks anyways


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