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Thread: Question about homebrew channel

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    Question about homebrew channel

    Hello everyone,

    I have a D2pro v3 hardmod installed in my Wii. I have a question about the Homebrew channel. From what I understand is that the Homebrew is installed in the Wii memory. I've seen people talking about CIOS files. Do they reside on the the SD card or do they actually change the firmware on the Wii? If it's that latter I don't want to chance damaging my system.


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    If your not willing to risk your system walk away and never look back any mod you do has a risk factor read the threads on bricks theres lots of them that said if you know what your doing do the proper backups then your risk factor is alot lower but there is always the risk of creating a brick out of your wii good luck
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    You can put your wii homebrew applications on a memory card, usb memorystick, usb external hard drive, or even on a DVD. You can launch these applications in a variety of ways, using other "loader" applications.

    Most wii hackers (softmodders especially), will install the homebrew channel, as it is a quick way of launching their other applications, as it allows quick launching of applications that reside on an SD card.

    While conceivably I suppose you could launch the homebrew channel as an application, most people install it in "wad" format - that is, it gets installed onto the wii system memory. This means you will get a nice little system-friendly "wii tv channel" on your main menu, alongside "the mii channel" and "the weather channel" and whatever other legitimate nintendo channels you have already installed into your wii's system memory.

    Custom IOS files (cIOS) don't run as applications. They are more like firmware. These also get installed as "wad" packages, into the nintendo system memory.

    For wad install of the homebrew channel, cIOS files, update IOS files, or other applications that you want "quick access" and to and want to appear in the wii system menu (such as usb loader gx), the usual method is:
    A) Obtain the relevent wad package from the internet
    B) put wad package on your SD card in a folder called "wads"
    C) run wannikokos' homebrew application called "wad installer".

    The nintendo uses a VARIETY of "firmwares" called IOS files. Check my overview post if you want to know more:
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    Homebrew does not mess with any ios's that are on a normal wii. Homebrew runs off ios249 that is not necessary for the wii to work, in fact, it only exists in the 4.2 update in which nintendo put a bunch of garbage on ios249 in order to kill homebrew. Many users with chips end up softmodding eventually because it's easier to do when softmodded. You'll be fine. Just never delete any ios under 200 and you'll be fine.


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