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Thread: prii loader issue

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    prii loader issue

    I installed priloader and can only access the prii loader menu and the homebrew channel, How do I access my main wii menu??

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    uh set it to auto boot wii menu in settings?

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    Fixed that but now my usb drive is not recognized by any of my loaders

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    was it recognized before? Not all usb devices are compatible. Check out the usb loading guide in my signature. I'm pretty sure there's a link there to which ones are compatible.

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    Worked fine before all the updates

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    What program are you using to launch your games and what exactly is it doing? Is it simply not seeing that it's there? And what updates are you refering to? Also what updates are you refering to? Give us some info on your system specs.
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    I have run through step by step from the guide to get to version 4.1 with priiloader.

    I have tried, NEO, Coverfloader, etx all fail to recognize a USB drive is plugged in

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    FALSE. Neogamma7 is pretty good for usb loading. I'm not to big on usb but I think usbloaderGX is the loader of choice.

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    OK, the loaders still seem to be hit or miss on actually loading from USB. I have rewent through the guide and have made sure I did everything in the exact order. No matter what USB loader I use the USB loader fails to load, freezes the WII or causes a dump crash, when the loaders do run they are buggy about finding the external drive


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