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Thread: Flatmod update

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    Flatmod update

    Im at a lost with the statement on the flatmod sit does this mean I need to get my flatmode upgrade to play mario with out this patach or does this mean all I need is the patach as I thought I could update this chip by way of cd/dvd update. any help would be apperciated.

    Latest Flatmod and Flatmii 125 actel code includes BCA Antibackup protection system ,
    it will bypass the new BCA protection used in games (only right now in New Super
    Mario Bros) reading the BCA requested by Nintendo at the end of your iso image,
    and patching this kind of disc images just execute the FLATMOD BCA ISO Editor ,
    open your BCA protected ISO , write the right value (it would be informed or added
    on a database) and patch the iso , this system doesn't trucha your iso according that
    it's patched at the end of this one and wii firmware won't look for it ... the new code
    has stealth method built in over this antiprotection system.

    We had the choice of hardcode the value only for NEW SUPER MARIO BROS but
    offering this system other future games will be supported.

    For the new actel code in FLATMOD/FLATMII request a reprogramming or exchange
    to your reseller or contact the direct support , get clear about this new code
    is only necessary for NEW SUPER MARIO BROS or another future game including
    this kind of BCA protection

    NOTE : this method is only necessary to run the game using a DVD
    backup,isos played using Flatmii pc streaming method just need to run our
    lastest pc streaming application.

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