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Thread: Pleas Help, I'm about to give up on wii!!!!!!

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    Pleas Help, I'm about to give up on wii!!!!!!

    I have a 3.2u system and have the homebrew channel running, I have usb loader working partially and neogamma ( I don't know what version ). I just tried to play sports resort and it is asking to do a upgrade. I don't want to do a upgrade, how do I get around this mess. I found a thread on this and it says to install neogamma R6, wii scrubber & cios38 rev13b. I downloaded the links with these files, but I don't know how to install them. I have just about had it with this whole softmod wii crap. I keep having issue after issue. Can somebody please help me, before I give up and say screw it and do the damn update. Please, Please, Please.

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    First calm down. You came to the right place to get help. First let me start off by saying that I have the exact same firmware version as you do except mine is 3.2U. Since we have the same setup, I can help you out with all your problems. If you find it alittle difficult to find this thread along the way and want to speak one on one with me, simply PM me. Anyways, first start off by searching for starfall. I would ask you to search for preloader instead but preloader doesnt really do anything different then starfall does when dealing with 3.2 firmwares. Anyways, youll want to install that to your console. Its very simple to install. Youll download it and youll either have an apps folder or a starfall folder. if you have the apps folder, open it up and place the folder thats inside into the apps folder thats on your sd card (if you dont already have the apps folder on sd card). Run HBC and run starfall. Follow the instructions to install then youll get a list of stuff that starfall can install. The one thing you need to install is the bypass disc updates. The other thing youll want to install is region free wii games and GC games if you want to play gc games. Once you got that installed, all your disc updates will be bypassed (if running through neogamma) or wont let you load them (if running originals through disc channel). I would install neogamma r7 along with cios38rev14. If you want directions on installing those, PM me. I dont want this post getting too long.
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    This is edited from a "general overview on wii hacking" that I wrote earlier in the week, I hope it helps you:

    I'm a fairly new wii hacker, and don't have any hardware mods (softmod only). I now can backup and play games from usb hard drive (including all the latest ones), and can stream movies from my PC in the next room to my wii, and even play DVDs on it if I like, including backup games on DVD of course. I don't see the point of paying to get my wii busted open and a hardware chip installed? Apologies to any "experts" out there but this guide is an overview, so excuse any specific errors. The poster just needs a general overview of wii hacking!

    Im going to answer your question with the goal in mind that you want to put most of your games onto a USB hard drive. Ill try to think of all the places you might get stuck.

    Firstly, you are initially going to need to download a few bits of software and somehow physically put them onto an SD card. I use an old 1gig one that I bought a while ago from "Boots", that used to live in a camera. However, once you have managed to install the Homebrew Channel (abbreviated often to HBC) on your wii, and have installed ftpii, you should not need to remove the sd card from the wii again, as with ftpii you can add and remove files remotely using ftp and wireless connection. Very handy!!

    The first problem you might have it that some SD cards are not as compatible with the wii as others. I had no problems, if you don't have one in the house that u can use or try out, perhaps search this site for SD compatibility before you buy. That said, most cards seem to work apparently. I think bannerbomb DOES need to be run from SD card in the wii and not USB, in answer to your question.

    Secondly, it matters where you are "starting from". Chances are that most carefree nintendo users have updated their wii over the internet just like nintendo wanted them too.. Personally, I had not updated for a while, and my system was as 3.3E. It matters because nintendo have tried to make it harder for people to use homebrew. Firstly, their updates prevented the old "twilight" hack from working. Secondly, a I O S slot that wii hackers use (slot 249) they maliciously fill with a stub of nonsense. Idea being that if that data slot is used in the wii then we cant put our custom software there..

    Both of these have been worked around. There are tutorials on this site that help there. Use a version of "bannerbomb" to initially "break into" your wii, it works where "twilight" no longer does.

    Something to note at this point is that wii hackers talk about IOS and cIOS. Although most hardware (mobile phones, wireless routers, etc) have firmware that you can update, the wii seems to have "multiple" firmware slots inside it. These multiple firmware slots are called IOS slots. (maybe that stands for Input Output System???)

    Also the earlier wiis were easier to hack because the firmware sitting in IOS slot 15 had a bug, called the "trucha bug". Nintendo sussed this and therefore newer wiis didnt have this handy exploit. However, once you have managed to allow wiibrew onto your wii, you will be able to downgrade your IOS15 to the earlier firmware - at least thats how I understood the program "trucha bug restorer" works.

    Games tend to ordinarily use IOS36 or IOS38 or IOS53 or IOS55 for their input-output firmware.

    A problem I came into, was that once I had got wii homebrew software on my wii, i no longer wanted nintendo to update my wii any more - because chances are they would delete my homebrew or worse prevent wiibrew at all, or worst of all send a message to my wii to kill it (turn into into a house brick) as revenge!

    However, imagine a brand new game is released on the wii, such as New Super Mario Brothers. (NSMB) Nintendo decide to make life tougher for the pirates by A) putting better anti-piracy software on the game and B) making the game need firmware that isnt on most peoples wiis. They know that if your wii doesnt have IOS55 firmware, the game will show you a message saying "you need to update your wii with nintendo for this game to run". Non- wiihackers will update and receive IOS55 on their machine. Wii hackers who dont update their wiis via nintendo are stuck. Or not. You just get hold of the IOS you need (download it or rip it from an original copy of the game), and install it yourself, using wiibrew called wad installer.

    remember that disk images are called *.iso files and wii input-output firmware programs are called ios files. I got a bit confused when reading this stuff - so i thought id mention the trouble those two letters caused me!

    Now the last thing that might help you in your quest is to know about cIOS. The little c stands for custom, meaning customised by hackers, and usually a very clever person called wannikoko. Assume you have IOS38 on your legitimate wii, needed to play a lot of games. Now assume you want to play backups (copies). What you need to do is get hold of a normal IOS38 wad (wad files are program packages). And run wanikokos cIOS38 rev14 installer. What this will do is create a second IOS38 on your wii, (customised cleverly so it WILL allow backups to play), and it will store the cIOS (customised IOS) at slot 249 on your wii.

    So to recap, with a few hours of messing about, you want to end up with an SD card in your Wii, with the homebrew channel installed on your wii, with a few clever wiibrew apps on your card. You might want to have downgraded your IOS15, you might want to have installed IOS53 or IOS55 to get certain newer games to play, you want to have a customised IOS installed (cIOS38) at slot 249. You can then:

    Format a usb drive using WBFS filesystem (for wii), add games to it, and load games. A lot of people use the wiibrew called USB LOADER GX to launch games on their USB drive. The WBFS file manager program for to format usb sticks, usb drives, SD cards, etc in the WBFS file system is easily obtainable on the internet. If you are planning on using the WBFS file manager program to load game iso images onto an external hard dive, the hard drive MUST be formatted in the WBFS filesystem format for the usb wibrew loader applications to work with it.

    P.S. Turn off wiiconnect24. Constant connection to the internet because of nintendo's own wiiconnect24 service can actually overheat (and destroy) your wii. It will prevent nintendo spying on you too!
    If what I just posted was at all helpful to you, please press on the "thanks" button. I'd like to know the time I spent typing a reply was worth it! :-)

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