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Thread: Playing Goldeneye/ Perfect Dark/ Conker on Wii + Questions

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    Playing Goldeneye/ Perfect Dark/ Conker on Wii + Questions

    Howdy ya'll

    N00b Wiihacker here.

    Was just wondering a few things -

    1) Is it possible to emulate both Golden Eye 007, Perfect Dark, Conkers Bad Fur day on my Wii using some kind of emulator?

    2) Does my Freeloader let me play Backup games?



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    1) Don't see why not but i've not seen an N64 emulator yet - but Nintendo are apparently working on getting Goldeneye for Virtual Console. The emulator would be homebrew though and therefore require a mod chip to run.

    2)No - you need a mod chip.

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    Ok let me take his short answer and fully explain it. Yes there is a N64 emulator, do you want it? NO it runs most games half speed or not at all, stick to NES SNES BC GBA and the Sega Genesis emulators. Soon though I belive that there will be a well designed N64 emulator. For the second question NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO , no matter how much you ask and want Homebrew right now can not play ISO files. ISO files are put onto backup discs that are read by the mod chip inside your Wii, while Homebrew is pretty much just an application that lets you put third party creations and .wad files (ask me if you want more .wad info) and emulator files. It would be kinda lame if Homebrew could read ISO files it would kill sales probably. Show Nintendo some love and just buy some games. I hope this explained something.


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