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Thread: Need Help Please

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    Need Help Please

    I have a NTSC-u wii with D2CKey mod chip

    heres my prob
    i just got Mario Kart Pal and i went to go play it and it asked me to update
    stupid me i accepted the update
    well after the update was complete i couldnt play the game, and when i tried to access my wii settings i couldnt get in there either
    something to do with an opera error
    so after looking online for a while, i found out that my wii is semi bricked
    anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do to fix my little problem
    im still able to play other games on my wii, but some of them have now become choppy and laggy

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    hi mate

    im not 100% sure but from what i can tell, if you can get a NTSC game that has a newer update than the one currently installed ie the Pal one that semi-bricked your console then in theroy it should overwrite it and put it back to the normal state as before. i hear that American Idol is good but as i am in the uk and have yet to mod my wii i couldnt give you a more clear answer

    hope this helps



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    thanks for the reply bud
    i guess i will have to wait and see which games has a newer update then the one i stupidly put on my system

    does anyone have any idea as to which game might have a newer update then the Mario Kart Pal version or when a newer update then it is coming out
    much help appreciated
    thanks guys

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    with mario kart and mind you if you have and usa wii then you have to put the pal version of mario kart in the wii update then when that is done go inside the game and got add channel when that is done it will go back to the intro of the game then at that point restart your wii go on google and download "channel remover" and burn it with img burn it will be an iso file then go back to your wii eject the pal version of mariokart you will see that all your channels were copied thats ok thats where the CR comes in puth the dvd in your console the channel remover disc it will show up as a gamecube file goto start it will open up a dos format on your wii console and look as if it is installing this will take only a minute when its done your wii will restart when it does eject the dvd and boom done you a working console no extra channels and now mario kart ntsc will work
    i really hope i was some help

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    thank you very much
    this will be of much help

    does this also get rid of the semi brick???
    and i will be able to access my wii menu settings??

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    well i hope so i did it to my system and no problem and i have the d2ckey pro with wii clip installed on my system if you need any help just let me know


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    thanks alot bud
    im in the process of getting the channel remover right now
    ill let u know my success
    thank u soo much

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    im having a hard time trying to get the channel remover on to a disk
    it wont let me extract the file
    it comes up with an error?
    u have any ideas
    i see an .elf file there

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    i can email a working iso file of it

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    u are the best
    thanks soo much

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