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Thread: cannot seem to get anything to work

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    cannot seem to get anything to work

    i followed degeggs guide to soft mod my 4.1 wii, got everything working ok but never got any discs to play always 002 error, so i had a spare 16gb usb stick so i followed the guide for running from usb/hdd device. everything went fine in the install, i even got my wii music to work. then i got greedy and put a few games including nsmb on the stick and tried this but i just got the blank screen?
    now i even get the blank screen on wii music? i have backed up my mario at the olympics using the + buttion in usb loader gx and this even gives a blank screen, also a couple of games when i try to run them the wii just restarts itself.
    please help me i am well and truly stuck now

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    if you want to play games that give you the 002 error download neogamma backup loader.

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    this will also require waninkokos cios38 rev14 to be installed you can get that hear

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    In regards to getting new super mario bros working you need to download the patched NTSC version by qwiif do a google search for it hope this helps.

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    i have both of them, but still nothing. do i need to put anything on the hdd aswell as the iso file is this what i have done wrong
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