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Thread: Diffirent Game Size > WBFS Manager, how comes?

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    Question Diffirent Game Size > WBFS Manager, how comes?


    I just got into softmodding and stuff so i'm kinda newb

    I recently got a couple of games, Mario Kart, Mario Party 8, Resident Evil and New Super Mario Bros.

    Now i loaded all of them into my HD with WBFS Manager but for some reason the size of NSMB is showing up as 0.35GB and for the other games its 2,6GB and up.
    This means that NSMB takes less space on my HD, but the game plays flawlessly.

    Is it possible to shrink/scrub/trim/... or what ever is done with NSMB, to do the same with the other games? So the other games are allso around the size of 0.35GB? instead of 3,6GB an higher.

    I check all the iso's but they all are around 4,5GB so it not like NSMB is really 350MB's its just like all the games 4,5GB

    Please help me with this, this coudl really save up some space

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    No, all the trimming has been done by WBFS already, the size you are left with is all the game data.

    Some games are more graphics based, hence more size, some are basic colours and hardly any controls etc, smaller size.

    If you look in WBFS settings there is something about removing just the update partition, removing everything but the game data etc...but I have never messed with that, the default works great.


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