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Thread: Error #002. I tried but I can't fix it

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    Unhappy Error #002. I tried but I can't fix it

    Ok, so i have done the twilight hack ages ago and been using a usb to load my games. then recently i downloaded some new ones.

    i don't get an error #002 with:
    DK jungle beat
    planet 51
    where the wild things are

    but i do get it with:
    new super mario bros
    wii fit plus
    rabbids go home.

    i have tried using wii scrubber and extracting the main.dol on them but on
    some of them i can't even get partition 0 & 1 I only get 0

    if I have partition 1 and I extract the main.dol the use Generic Wii Patcher and then search for #002 error it says that there isnt' one. but when i go to play the game it still comes up with one.

    I really have no idea what else to do other then download the games again and try again.

    oh and even though i don't get the error with where the wild things are i tried extracted the main.dol then searching for the error and found it. yet i have never had any problems with that game at all.

    any suggestions would be great. thanks

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    Wii hack nubee here, I am aving the same problem reloaded several times with no luck. I have searched for this error on GX Loader with no luck. any help would be great....
    Thanks in advance.

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    in most of the new usb loader if u go under setting there should be a #002 fix i no usb loader GX has it

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    i have just tried to install

    but i keep getting an error. I really have no idea what else to do.

    the error is ret = -1

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    Check out the error index in my signature. It will be your friend in your modding adventures.

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    ps . i dont make these hacks , but for the new games, especially mario bros, use neogamma r8 beta 12 it works fine or at least it works for me


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