I have 4.2E firmware with a mod chip, i installed startpatch 4.2E for it when i got firmware 4.2E and when i installed startpatch 4.2E i clicked on stop online updates when i didnt mean to, now i cant update coz it comes up with an error (the block). but i could use other net stuff fine such as homebrew browser but i decieded that i was gonna wipe my wii to make space so i backed up my games and formatted it and when i put my router into the settings again to go online...to make sure that it works it HAS to do an update, and so because it tries to and gets the error (the startpatch block) it wont let the settings save so i cant use the net on my wii at all. i need something that will reinstall a fresh 4.2E menu that will undo the block or find an uninstaller for the block from start patch 4.2E. and the uninstaller program or whateva cant use the internet coz it cant get to it at all. BTW disc updates were also blocked when i installed start patch, anyone with ANY good idea help please and i know this has nothing to do with my router, nor its encrytion code. ??? ??? ???