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Thread: Can not delete any thing from sd card

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    Thumbs up Can not delete any thing from sd card

    I am new to this so if i posted in the wrong section i am sorry... i have soft-modded my wii back wen it was the twilight hack 3.4 if i remember correctly....i heard about the usb loader so i done sum research any way i was following this guide


    that i found in the forum......i back up my system with bootmii like the guide said after i copied the file to my PC i tryed to delete it from the sd card but it says its write protected which it is not.....i tryed formatting it still didn't work.. i tried copying the files the guide said to copy on to sd card and it won't copy.. and i need the files to finish the guide. any idea why i can not delete or copy files to the sd card (sd card sandisk 2gb)

    and can i use this guide even tho i used the twilight hack to get the hbc.

    any help would be appreciated

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    Has the lock switch got pushed back on your SD card ??

    it keeps happening to me LOL

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    All I can suggest is try formating the card in a differnt pc. the other question i have no idea sorry!
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    yeah i don't know why i didn't think of that straight away i guess it was cause i use the sd card on the pc i'm using know when i first done the soon as i put it into my partners computer it work so thanks for the help


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