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Thread: Wii Clip With D2C Key / D2C Pro Pre Soldered - My Findings...

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    Unhappy Wii Clip With D2C Key / D2C Pro Pre Soldered - My Findings...

    Hi All,

    We have been doing some experimenting with the D2C Key and D2C Pro Mod chips on the Wii Clips using 2 different Wii systems. we bought a D2Pro Wii Chip (Pre soldered onto the Wii Clip) we got from MXConsoles in the UK, the D2C key we got from another online source where we soldered the chip to the Wii Clip ribbon our selves.

    First Test (Wii Clip D2c Key Soldered by Us - Wii Unit casing screwed back on mod chip Protector Card on) all disks burned on verbatim Single Layer DVD's @ X2 Speed

    This Wii did not have any problems when we first powered it on with the clip in place, we tried about 10 different backups including Mario Kart they all worked first time, then we tested some original games, they worked perfect to. so we played to our hearts content on a few backup copies (Mostly Mario Kart) this went on for about 4 hours. then we left the console running on it's own for a little while.

    We came back to the console after leaving it powered on for a good few hours more, we then tried our backup games again, Lowe and behold """BUFF"" unable to read the disk, we tried this with many copied games still unable to read the disk.... mmmmm well I thought this was a little bit strange..... Any way I decided to turn the console off, for a little while to cool down, after about 30 minuets. turned it back on again, and tried another backup game and it worked again, (Very Strange!) played it for a little while, then tried yet another backup ""BUFF"" Unable to read the disk.

    Now I tried an original "Unable to read the disk" so now this Wii was unable to read both backups and originals, what the hell is going on I asked myself, I then proceeded to leave the Wii console well alone until the next day, I then re-ran our little tests first using backup copies, “Unable to read Disk” then tried an original game and nothing, this would not fire up either….. So now we have one console down…..

    We Cracked open the case removed the Clip, powered the Wii back on and tested some originals, the original disks started working again, and Again and Again…. I tested these for a good few hours just in case. Then we left the Wii running for a couple of hours more came back to it and tested more originals they still worked (“”FhEeeeW””) this would mean we have a working console again!

    We then left it a day to blow over, then we came back to the same Wii console and same Wii Clip (D2C key) clipped the little bugger back on to the console….. And nothing…. No originals no backups would fire up….. for some reason it would seem that this D2C key was buggered. So we tested it in another Wii Console cracked that little baby open clipped it on and……. NOTHING!..... Again no originals or backups would run on this unit, and we were also met by the DVD Rom drive making clicking sounds, not good, and so… we removed the clip………

    Second Test (Wii Clip D2C Pro Pre Soldered by MXConsoles - Wii Unit casing screwed back on – Mod Chip Protector Card on) Second Wii Console

    I’m not going to bore you again with such long paragraphs so here goes…. We Fitted the D2C Pro Clip to the Second console and we had no issues at all with several backups and original disks. Played multiple backup games for around two hours, left the console running for a further 2 hours, came back to it rebooted it and then attempted some more copies this time it seem to work a little better so we played for a couple of more hours. Then put the Wii into standby mode and left it for a few hours.

    We then came back to it and then re-ran our tests…… Oh joy oh joy….. it had stopped working…. We tried many backup copied “Unable to read disk” then we tried our originals again “Unable to read the disk” so we removed the clip then put this into the first Wii console just to make sure, we got the same result where by the console would not read backups or originals, we then left the console a further day a came back to it tried it again and “NOTHING” same again removed the clip and tried some original games, they worked again…..

    So now we are back to square one again. This in no way proves anything yet but we are getting close to the answer. I’m kind of going along the lines of the fact that we may have issues with both the D2C key and D2C Pro Mod Chip over heating thus burning them out causing the DVD Rom drive to malfunction but I’m not sure for certain. I will update this post next week when we re perform our tests but with casing left off the console and that we try and cool the Mod Chip as best as we can.

    If any one else has anything to add then please feel free…….

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    you prolly had your Wiiconnect24 enabled and that might be the cause of the overheating and leaving the DISC insid the drive while in standby mode also is a verybad idea because I noticed this only cuz my wii was right next to the head of my bed taht the disc still read often while the wii in standby mode and the Blue lead light will light up and I put my palm on the wii and it was REALLY HOT! I got scared and from that moment I NEVER HA D a disc in my wii and leave it in Stand by mode I alway turned off the power completely by holding down the POwer button until it turn red. I forgot to look and see if the Fan was running when in Stand by mode but my best recommendation is to never let the Wii stand by with Wiiconnect24 and a disc inside the drive. These mod chips were made from chips that prolly weren't tested to be in the Wii or tested by nintendo so changes in surrounding might effect it pretty bad. I mean if you have a mod chip you should pretty much know how to protect it. I never leave any of my consoles in stand by mode because I know that make it over heat. Power off ftw<33

    Oh yeah i want to know if you're going to try a D2Pro solderless one too? i would like to know the result of these 3 before making my mod chip purchase but i kinda expect the same thing would happen if the chip get overheat.
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    i had the same problem i noticed when the wii was on its site it wouldn't play the back ups but then when i put it flat on the desk it worked perfect so we opened the wii and used a piece of foam/rubber put it over the wii clip serge protector card and then put the metal drive case back on and boom since then never had a problem we think the chip may have come loose because it does just clip on to the board and you do have to push on it a bit so i don't know it worked for us thats how we do all consoles now and no problems yet hope i helped i can re do it and post a video so you can see how we did it let me know cheers guys

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    sorry for being a complete neewb here but only just bought my wii lookin for which mod is best but noticed when your test failed ya mentioned a clickin noise on the dvd drive an mine does that anyway bout once every couple of days an i get the unable to read disc please ejct an reboot! sometimes even if i just turned it on so cant be heat problem, i assumed this was normal an may be slite glitch as only happens now an then, Am i worng here guys
    Thanks for help

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    I have a similar problem with a D2PRO and wii-clip. I have to reboot it or unplug it multiple times to get it to read backups. Once it reads 1 disc, it usually reads all disks until I shut it down. Sometimes it doesn't read original discs, but that is always solved by rebooting the wii.
    I have a more specific problem with Big Brain Academy, it worked perfect in the start, but after 3 days it keeps locking up, tried to burn a new DVD, but it keeps locking up after 5-15mins of playing. Any ideas?

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    I just got a presoldered D2CKey on wii-clip. After the installation, if I leave the Wii DVD drive standing on the side while the rest of the console laying on the side (90 degree angle to each other), I can play both backup and original discs. I tested for about an hour, making sure everything seemed to be fine. Then I put on the wii-clip protector card, re-assembled the Wii. After the that, I had the Wii standing on it’s vertical stand and tested it to make sure it works. The following day, I turned on the Wii, it can’t read the backup discs anymore; it can still read original discs OK. Anybody had this problem before, and how to resolve it? Knowledge mentioned that he puts a foam/rubber over the wii-clip protector card to keep the wii-clip in place. Has anyone tried that? Would that cause airflow and overheating problem? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.


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