First I want to thank everyone for the help I got geting HBC reloaded onto my reformatted wii. The only problem I seem to have now is that every time I try to open a backup loader wad (backup launcher and NeoGamma) the screen goes black, the wii freezes, the lights on the controller shut off and I have to mash the power button just to restart the wii. I also tried Wii Iso Loader Beta Version by Wanikoko but I get Error: could not open disc subsystem! (ret = -6). I know this is probably 100% user error, but is there someone out there who can accurately tell me how I am being a moron? I have read a lot about USB loaders and unfortunately, that is not an option at the moment and the wad loaders and SD cards are my only option. Again, any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.