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Thread: How to use DOP-IOS?

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    Exclamation How to use DOP-IOS?

    I am completely lost. I wanted to play pokemon rumble. i already have the .wad file but I was told I needed IOS56-64-v5405 for it to work. so I have that file now too, but THEN I was told I needed DOP-IOS to install it, but now I have no idea how to do that. Can someone please guide a noobie like me through this process?

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    Wad files are always installed using wad manager.

    DOP-IOS can be used to update and patch your IOS56 on your Wii but if you don't know what you are doing you could potentially brick your Wii by fiddling with other important IOS.

    For both apps you need cIOS installed.
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    hm i see. I do have a wad manager and cios installed, but I don't quite remember how to install my IOS56 file. Am I suppose to place that file in the WAD folder? And I am still unsure how to even start up DOP-IOS. Do I even need to use it in order to play pokemon rumble? Because everytime I try to load the game, it just takes me put to the wii menu. Further help would be appreciated =)

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    Why don't you first do as Tealc suggested and install your IOS wad file with Wad Manager. From HBC select Wad Manager, leave at its default settings of IOS249 and SD card slot, Now look for your IOS56 wad on the SD card - select and install it.

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    oh sorry, I got ahead of myself, I was trying to figure out the whole DOP-IOS thing. But yes, I did get the game to work now by just simply using the wad manager. I thank you both for your assitances.


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