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Thread: Mod Chip for Wii

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    Us Mod Chip for Wii

    Hi there,

    I am still new to the Wii mod chip thing. But I have a few questions. After all the reading I have done, it's pretty clear that a modded Wii should play almost all original and backup Wii games. But what about games for other game consoles? Would a modded Wii be able to read a backup game for Playstation or XBOX? I hope this question is not too stupid since I still new. The other question is about the Wode or the Wiikey Fusion. They seem to be able to work around the D3-2, but can they handle the 4.2 update problems?

    Thanks ahead for any anwers or advice.


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    No but kind of you can only play wii games on a wii but you can download emulators that let you play some other older console games but your not going to plat ps3 or xbox 360 games on your wii no matter what mods you do. As for the mod chips there are several capable of the 4.2 system menu it is the new drives that some chips are not compatible with.
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