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Thread: universal unbrick disc

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    universal unbrick disc

    has anyone heard of this disc at all? i was just reading something and it mentioned this disc to unbrick the wii. is this legit?? if so where do you download it from?

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    LCUDv3 and UUDv4 are now available.Both are edited like the BMD and will be fully dislpayed as my Disc.There for the editing is correct now you can boot this discs on FWs without removed Diag Disc Check.But you still need a trucha able sys-ios to be installed.Additional if you are a softmod user the sys-ios must contain the cDIP module to boot backups/modded discs.
    LCUD is back to IOS36 wich the hbc runs of becouse now it use a older version wich will be trucha able.With a new IOS36 your HBC will stand head over.So i made two new cIOS36, updated the one from the cIOS-CORP to cIOS36-cfwprpht-v3.5 and v3.6.The 3.5 is a old hbc compatible IOS36 with NAND permission, cES module and the Trucha Bug.3.6 just have additional the cDIP module injected.
    With the cIOS36 from the cIOS-CORP v3.4 your hbc stands head over and it doesnt contain the cES module and this dont let you dump your Wiis keys along with given you some error messages when you use Any Title Delater!!

    We also now have a wad folder wich contains all the sys-ioss patched with cDIP, cES and the Trucha Bug.If you want to be save install this cIOSs and even if you want to downgrade you do not need to install a new ios for the sysmenu.

    At least we doesnt needa soft and hard mode version becouse i found a other way to be more compatieble to modchips.I simply inserted a dummy in size of 176MB and now we have a 180MB larg game partition.The smalesd game i have seen was a game with 150MB so we should be save with that.And we got a smaller pack than 400MB douring raring it.

    You should also inform all other Wii users you know and spread this on the WEB that they should download this Rescue Discs and install the included WADs before bricking here Wiis.
    Becouse Ninty to time have patched the whole FWs 3.4/4.0/4.1/4.2 against the trucha bug and at the last one (4.2) the kill all HB douring booting the Wii if you dont have installed the HB FW 4.2 or the preloader system hacks. (beaware of the preloader so much pplz have bricked here Wii with that)

    If i have forgot something plz dont hit me

    How to Use:

    - Extract and burn the image
    - Turn on Wii and insert disc to auto boot WAD Manager

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service /BootMiiDiisc_v1-HARD-.part01.rar
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service /BootMiiDiisc_v1-HARD-.part02.rar
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service /BootMiiDiisc_v1-HARD-.part03.rar
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service /BootMiiDiisc_v1-HARD-.part04.rar

    more information is shown on this forums thread
    Universal Unbrick Disc v3 is Now Available for Nintendo Wii - PS3 NEWS - PlayStation 3 News - PS3 Hacks
    if you don`t understand some words used in forum for wii then check out my wii dictionary

    if the information i gave you helped you in anyway please click the thanks button

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    Thumbs up Thanx!

    Thanx 4 the discs! I bricked my Wii and hope to unbrick it with these discs.

    Once more! Thanx

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    Wii 4.1 USA

    I have a Wii that I banner bricked I have a 4.1U System menu... & I think I installed a 3.3 or 3.4 system menu skin... after it was done installing system had black screen.

    I have a drive key but autoboot is off

    I thought I had bootmii installed as an ios not boot2
    it didn't want to install there

    I have HBC 1.0.6


    if I turn the system on I only get a Black screen.

    I can turn the system on with a wii remote.

    I tried the GameCube controller trick & get a (4.1 USA)

    I have tried the LCUD v3 & UUD v4 Disc's

    The Disc's start to spin then stop.

    I think im running out of options & have to do it the hard way maybe...

    Would this be a Low Level Brick? I just changed the system menu banner.

    also the only nand backup I have is a 3.3U I have the keys & have a Infectus2 chip I never installed also. not sure if I can use a old nand

    the old program I used way back creates nand-dump.img , nand-key.bin & keys.txt

    any help would be great...


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